Charlie Chaplin invasion

The sight of 80 Charlie Chaplains wandering around Blackrock beach on St Stephen’s morning wasn’t the result of too much sherry in the Christmas trifle but rather the latest Conor Hughes charity event designed to raise money for his Cross Cause charity.

Blackrock man Conor, continued his annual tradition of madcap St Stephen’s Day fundraisers with a ‘Charlie Chaplain’ themed outing on Blackrock beach.

The event helped to raise approximately €5,000 for the Crosscause charity which Conor set up to help the disadvantaged in Romania, Moldova and Ghana.

“We were delighted with the turnout and it was great to raise a bit of money for the charity” said Conor. About 80 people turned up all decked out in Charlie Chaplain outfits and we even had a 90 year old Charlie Chaplain which I believe is the oldest Charlie ever.” he added.

“We had a huge 55” LCD television playing old Charlie Chaplain movies ansd I’d like to thank Lally’s for helping us out with that for the day. I’d also like to thank Paddy Sands in Llly coffee for providing everybody on the beach with free tea and coffee.

“We were lucky with the weather and I’m glad that everybody seemed to enjoy themselves on the day”, added Conor.

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