Graveyard skips removed due to dumping

Skips in Dundalk’s St Patrick’s cemetery are being removed after the service provided for people tending the graves of their loved ones has been abused.

The two large skips at the top left and one at the top right hand side of the cemetery are to be removed after the Burial Board found that it is being used for domestic waste, leaving just three bins remaining. The skips are there for people who are tending graves to leave old flowers, wreaths and grass clippings; but recently all manner of household waste has been found.

“What is being deposited mostly contains non segregated household waste. Other items found in the bins include televisions, microwaves, a mattress and indeed a front door. Household waste attracts vermin and wildlife that rip open the bags to gain access to the contents thereby causing it to be blown all over the cemetery,” said Ciaran Rafferty from the Burial Board.

Surveillance of the cemetery by the board and Dundalk Town Council has been ongoing and some offenders have been caught red faced and some fines have been issued. The most common excuse according to the board is that the people feel they are not dumping because it is going into a skip.

“However when they are confronted with the true facts of their actions they are most definitely humbled,” he said Mr Rafferty.

“We are appealing to people frequenting St. Patrick’s cemetery to adhere to their request to only deposit waste associated with tending graves in the cemetery. Their co-operation will help the board avoid the prospect of removing all bins from the cemetery. If anybody witnesses illegal dumping at the cemetery they may contact Environment section Dundalk Town Council to have the matter investigated.”

The board is also requesting that people visiting or tending graves in the lawn cemetery area do not park up on the kerb.

On occasion, cars encroach on graves at the edge of rows causing distress to family members visiting loved ones.

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