Bed push over mountain in aid of Crumlin Hospital

A local man’s efforts to raise money for the ‘Fix Crumlin’ hospital appeal as well as Cystic Fibrosis proved a huge success as roughly a hundred people joined him in his trek across the Cooley Mountains pushing a bed.

This is the second year Oliver O’Shaughnessy has organised a fundraiser for the ‘Fix Crumlin’ hospital appeal but this time he is also raising money for Cystic Fibrosis.

Oliver’s seven year old son Daniel suffers from a disease called severe aplastic anaemia which means his bone-marrow is unable to produce red and white blood cells.

As a regular visitor to Crumlin, Oliver was moved to try and help the hospital raise some much needed funds to rebuild the crumbling building.

“Our seven year old boy Daniel is an outpatient in Crumlin and the staff up there have been absolutely fantastic.

“Unfortunately thehospital requires a major revamp and they need to raise €8 million to help raise funds for the renovation of the cardiac and cancer care facilities.

“Thanks to fundraising all throughout the year they have built a new cancer care unit but there is still a lot of work to be done and that’s what the bed push is about really “ explained Ollie.

Oliver’s bed which has ‘Fix Crumlin emblazoned on the front now has ‘4 CF’ added to reflect the addition of Cystic Fibrosis in his fundraising efforts. On a fine summer’s morning Ollie and his supporters set out from Fitzpatrick’s pub in Lordship as they made their way across the Cooley mountains into Carlingford.

“I was delighted with the response we got to our appeal”, said Oliver after the walk.

“The walk probably took us about three and a half hours and we plenty of people join us and we took it easy as we made our way across the Cooley Mountains. I’d like to thank everybody for coming out and supporting us and making the event a success” enthused a delighted Oliver.

Oliver and the rest of the bed push team where brought back to Fitzpatricks thanks to Anchor Tours where they proceeded to have a great night with music courtesy of ‘The Mulligan Family’ greeting them on their arrival.

“We had a great night in Fitzpatrick’s and I’d like to thank them for putting on food for us and looking after us on the evening.

“I’d also like to thank the Mulligan family from Ard Easmuinn who played traditional music for us for free.

“At this stage the money is still coming in so I’d sincerely like to thank everybody for coming along and helping us out” he added.

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