Big hearted Shay helps out homeless

A big hearted 11-year old from Ashbrook in Dundalk has been using his credit union savings to help out the less fortunate around town.

Last Thursday evening Shay Downey walked in to the Save Our Homeless Dundalk headquarters in the News and Deli shop in Park St with two backpacks full of goods for the homeless. He had purchased the goods using €100 of his own pocket money he had been saving in the Credit Union. This is not the first time Shay has reached out to those less fortunate around the town having already given a package to the soup kitchens over the Christmas holidays.

According to Shay’s proud mother Denise Kelly her son has become somewhat obsessed with helping the homeless around Dundalk.

“Shay first became aware of the terrible plight facing homeless people a couple of years ago when he saw the story about the death of Jonathan Corrie who died on the streets a couple of years ago in Dublin. Since then he has been very pro-active in finding out about ways he can help the people in Dundalk who are living in the streets.

“He puts his pocket money into the Credit Union every week and before Christmas he decided to take some money out to help the soup kitchens. Recently, Shay became aware of the ‘Save our Homeless’ group here in Dundalk and he told me he wanted to take €100 out to buy some goods for them.

“He bought blankets, socks, gloves, food and even sketchpads which he thought might help pass the time for whoever got them. I have to say I am an extremely proud Mammy and I think it’s lovely what he is doing for others. This was completely all off his own bat and it shows what a good heart he has,” stated Denise.

If anybody would like to support the ‘Save our Homeless’ campaign they can contact the facebook page or call into the News and Deli shop on Park St.

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