Coast Guard on two rescue missions

The Coast Guard unit in Greenore have warned people to stay vigilant this summer during any warm spells over the next few months.

Last week’s warm weather may have been a welcome sight for many people but as is often the case it also increases the workload for the local coast guard services with many people heading out to water when temperatures rise.

James Larkin, officer in charge of the Irish Coast Guard unit in Greenore says that his crew helped in the rescue of two separate incidents last week during the sunny period.

“We were called to two different incidents on May 10th which thankfully both ended with both parties ending up ok. At 11.50am we were called to aid two people on Dundalk Bay who were stranded in their boat which had broken down. They were assisted by a local boat before they were met by Greenore Coast guard and land crew at Gyles Quay. Thankfully the two people were fine and in good form and there were no further issues with them,” noted James.

“Later that same day at approximately 4.50pm we were tasked to launch again to help a male who was in distress on a jet ski just off Greenore. He was recovered by our crew and taken to Greenore Coast Guard station where he received treatment for hypothermia and suspected secondary drowning.  He was subsequently given over to the care of the HSE and taken to Daisy Hill hospital in Newry for observation.

“As always Greenore Coastguard service would request that anybody involved in maritime activities wear personal flotation equipment and clothing suitable for the activity they are involved in. Obviously we want people to enjoy any good weather we may get but we would ask them to be careful and sensible while doing so,” warned James.

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