McGahon elected chair of Municipal District

Dundalk Councillor John McGahon has been elected as Chair of the Dundalk Municipal District for the 2017/2018 year.

Speaking on his election as Chairperson, Cllr McGahon said his aim was to make sure the council continued to be effective.

“Naturally enough it is a great honour to have been elected as Chairperson of the Dundalk Municipal District which is the successor of the old Dundalk Town Council.

“We have huge scope with reserved functions to increase the power and remit of the Municipal District and we should continue to push the boundaries with this rather than let power being diluted any further.

“We have already seen those boundaries pushed in the last year with reserve functions enacted which allowed for the establishment of a Sub Committee on Brexit for

the Dundalk District and we must continue on in the is vein.

“I will spent the next 12 months making sure the Dundalk District and its remit is promoted and enhanced and not just seen as an understudy to Drogheda or Louth County Council.

“We have a proud tradition of local government in Dundalk and it’s up to us as Councillors to keep on pushing those boundaries within the Local Government Act 2014 to make sure Dundalk is fairly and properly represented”, he stated.

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