Louth’s average age on the increase

Latest census report shows that the average age of Louth’s population has increased since the last results were published back in 2011.

Five years ago the average population of a person from County Louth was 35.2 years of age. The latest results from the 2016 census show that that average has risen by 1.2 years and now stands at 36.4. Digging a bit deeper into the Louth results shows that the average for the wee county is quite a bit lower than the national average which is 37.4 years.

People living in rural areas in Louth tend to be older than those living in towns with the average age of urban dwellers 1.3 years younger than those living rurally. Drogheda has the youngest average age in County Louth at 35.5 slightly lower than Dundalk’s 36.1 while Ardee have one of the eldest populations in the county at 37.2. Only Castlebellingham have an elder population with their average age standing at 38.4 years of age.

The figures nationally showed that we are living longer and that the fastest growing age group is the 65 and over category which had a massive 19.1% increase since 2011. In Louth this figure was slightly higher coming in at 19.3%. There was also an increase in the number of centurions in the country with an increase of 17.2% meaning that there now 456 people aged 100 or over in the state.

According to Jim Grace, Minister of State with special responsibilities for older people these increases can only lead to greater demands on our health service. He also noted that he would like to get rid of the retirement age of 65.

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