Over 10,000 people living alone in Louth

THE Central Statistics Office (CSO) recently published Profile 4 Households and Families, the latest of the eleven Census 2016 profile reports.

The report shows that there were 1,218,370 families in the State on Census Night, an increase of 3.3% since 2011. The number of children per family remained unchanged at 1.38 children since the 2011 census.

Locally there were 45,448 privately owned houses in Louth with a total of 127,751 people living in them an average of 2.8 per household. Locally there were 10,260 people living alone in the county, an increase of 190 people from the previous census in 2011. This figure means that 8% of all private households are lived in by just one person. Of those 10,260 people 5,150 were females and 5,110 were males.

Not surprisingly this percentage increases as people get older with the figure rising to 26.4% of people who are 65 or over living alone. It jumps again to 46.1% when talking about those people in the 85+ bracket. In total there are 1,239 people who are 85 and over living in private accommodation with 571 of those living on their own.

The latest figures also showed that there are 35,809 single males in Co. Louth and 33,737 females.  45,663 people in the county were on their first marriage while 1,658 people had remarried. 122 people have registered same sex civil partnerships.

Census 2016 marked the first time that this relationship category was recorded in an Irish census, following the enactment of civil partnership legislation. 3,811 people were classified as separated, 2,971 divorced and 5,113 widowed.

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