RehabCare embrace healthy eating

Rehabcare embrace healthy eating

There was a couple of special guest speakers down in RehabCare on Friday morning to teach the staff and attendees about the importance of healthy eating.

Dundalk FC community officer Liam Burns along with current Dundalk FC central defender Brian Gartland were promoting the idea of healthy eating and educating all in RehabCare about which food and drink to stay away from.

According to Liam, the fact that Brian has been part of a Dundalk squad that has won the league three years in succession hasn’t come about by accident.

“A lot of you go to the games on a Friday night and maybe think that all those good performances just come about because they are naturally good players but there’s an awful lot that goes on behind the scenes to help them become so good. Along with all the training the guys do I would say that nutrition is very very important in the club. Every player must ensure that they eat all the right foods and ensure that they don’t put any rubbish in their bodies. Stephen Kenny is driving this and he makes sure that every player sis doing the right thing,” explained Liam.

Next up was Brian Gartland who told all in attendance what foods to embrace and what to stay away from. Using a bowl and some sugar he demonstrated just how much sugar is included in every day snack choices such as chocolate bars and fizzy drinks. He also gave all present an insight into the diet of a professional footballer.

“Our boot room is full of bananas apples and all kinds of fruit. We get crates of it delivered to Oriel Park each week and it is up to us to ensure we are eating healthily all the time. We also go through so much water with probably about 750 bottles of water being used by the squad each week between training and match nights. Each month we are asked to step on the scales and get weighed and check for body fat. If we go above a certain level we don’t play and we also get fined.

“We eat plenty of vegetables and chicken and we only really treat ourselves after we win a trophy. It can be tough sometimes but we know that if we want to continue playing at this level then we have to be disciplined,” stated Brian.

After the talk it was suggested that RehabCare introduce a health week in the upcoming months with Brian Gartland offering to come down again and help to give a few handy tips to all in attendance.

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