Cobra fighters head to Florida

Six members of Cobra-Kan Martial Arts & Kickboxing club with coach Patricia McQuillan travelled to Orlando in Florida for the WKC 2017 World Kickboxing Championships.

The students are as follows eldest student Rachael Ruth-McMahon, who has been with Cobra – Kan for seven years. Rachael will be competing in the 15-17 year old girls point fighting section. Rachael took home a bronze medal last year in this category and is hoping for bigger and better this year.

Tiernan Weldon is next in age and has been with Cobra – Kan for over seven years. Last year’s world championships which were held in Dublin saw Tiernan finish as a World Champion in 15-17 years boys -65kg points fighting and also took home a bronze medal for 15-17 years boys light contact.

Local Dundalk girl Sarah Gray a member of Cobra – Kan for over eight years and she is at school in St. Vincent’s Dundalk. This young lady is not to be underestimated having won a bronze medal for girls 11-12 years point fighting in last year’s championships.

Lee Kerr hailing from the Point Road area of the town a student of Cobra – Kan for seven years and is a student of St Bridget’s school Dundalk. One of the clubs avid students who has gone from strength to strength over the past few years. Lee will be taking part in the boys 13-14 year old point fighting section and will have his mind set on the medals.

Oisin Myles another Dundalk local is like the baby of the gang this year for having only been with Cobra – Kan for three years. He is at school in the Marist Dundalk and has become a promising fighter from the club Oisin will be taking part in the boys 13-14 year old points section and as only being his second year at this level will have his aim set high in the medals.

Dominykas is another young man from the town he is also a student at the Marist Dundalk. A student with Cobra – Kan for four years Dom as we all refer to him is also hoping to do well in the boy’s 13-14 boy’s points in a different weight category than Oisin.

These six students flew out on Monday to begin competing this week.

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