Farm visit to local school

Children from St Nicholas’s National School in Dundalk were treated to an educational and fun morning down at the farm last Tuesday morning courtesy of

Farmyard in Your Schoolyard is run by Ashley O’Rourke who brings his farm animals to schools all over the country to give children an educational lesson about life on the farm. The children were brought down to the farmyard next door to the school and got to meet various animals including chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks and even a young goat who was happily munching hay in his pen as the children looked on.

Ashley let the children hold and pet each animal while giving them a little bit of information about each animal. They were shown how to correctly pick up the animals and how to hold them as well as given information on their habits and diets. Children were then invited to ask any questions they had about any of the animals and after the session they left a lot more knowledgeable about life on the farm.

Further information about the mobile farmyard can be found at

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