Zoe dreams of life-changing surgery in USA

A little girl’s hopes of getting life-chaning surgery have been boosted after a campaign was launched to fund a trip to the USA for medical treatment.
Two-year old Zoe Murphy was born with quadriplegia and cerebral palsy at 21 months old and as a result suffers with spasticity and restricted movement. Zoe’s parents Lynda Bannon and Eamonn Murphy were told by doctors that their daughter faced the prospect of being in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.
According to Linda her daughter has shown remarkable improvements over the past two months since she was introduced to CBD Oil. CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant and has been gaining popularity in recent years as a medicinal aid for a range of ailments including epilepsy and managing physical pain.
Zoe has improved so much that she is now eligible to receive life changing surgery in America that could improve her standard of living still further. Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy aims to selectively destroy problematic nerve roots in the spinal cord – potentially eradicating spasticity as Zoe’s bones/muscles continue to grow.
That surgery will cost €100,000 and the first steps to try and raise that amount have been started by the CBD Network in Ireland who have launched a gofundme page to try and help Zoe. The page was launched earlier this week and has already raised just over €1200
According to Lynda the surgery has given the family hope and they can now see a brighter future for Zoe.
“We’re very happy with the progress made so far by Zoe and we’re determined to try and raise enough money to send her to America for this life changing operation,” remarked Lynda.

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