Success for Catherine in Liege

Belgium was the destination for over 23 Nations, where Karate-Ka came together to compete in Kata (form) and Kumite (fighting) events.
Dundalk Karate members Catherine Marcus and Liam Hoey were only two of 875 competitors and with 17 members representing CIKA Ireland, this competition was one that was not to be missed.
Having teams from Angola, Brazil, Iraq, Malta, Netherlands, Romania, Togo, Ukraine and further afield ensured that it was a truly international affair.
After Dundalk Karate members, Catherine and Liam were selected to be part of Team CIKA Ireland many months ago, Head of Dundalk Karate, Sensei Mary Marcus 3rd Dan, stepped up training for both which included, not only training twice weekly in their Dojo in the Redeemer Family Resource Centre, Dundalk, but also travelling to Dublin to train with CIKA Ireland at Squad Trainings and at fellow team members clubs.
With many miles travelling to and from dojos and with the support of fellow Dundalk Karate members and family members, the time finally came to put all their training into action on the tatami matts.
With family members, coaches and teammates watching on the sidelines in Liege, both Catherine and Liam held their nerve, and with all eyes fixed on the outcomes, everyone was delighted with Catherine’s Silver in Kumite and with such huge numbers at this truly international competition, this was an achievement that will be held in everyone’s memories for years to come. Afterwards, Sensei Marcus said:
“Seeing both Catherine and Liam compete at such a high level is one thing, but to see both excel within their categories and have Catherine come away with a Silver was a huge cherry on top of our cake.
“Everyone who was part of Team CIKA Ireland did themselves proud and to see both Catherine and Liam being part of this team was what it’s all about,” stated Mary.

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