Two dog litter fines issued in Dundalk in 2018

A total of two fines have been issued to dog owners around Dundalk by Louth County Council in relation to dog litter in 2018. In total there were twelve fines issued around the county this year with two in Dundalk, one in Drogheda and nine in the rest of the county.

New regulations came into force in March 2016 as the local authority looked to tackle the increasing problem of dog fouling throughout the county. The new laws stated that fines of €150 could be issued to anyone not abiding the new by-laws.

The new laws stated that: ‘Any person having charge of any dog shall at all times while exercising the dog in any public place carry suitable receptacles to remove and dispose of dog droppings immediately after the dog has deposited them. This receptacle and a replacement shall be available for an inspection by an authorised person on request. Plastic bags, paper bags or acceptable pooper-scoopers are examples of proper receptacles.

The bye-laws also state that dogs must be kept on a leash and under proper control at all times while in public areas. The information was revealed following a question from Independent councillor Maeve Yore during November’s monthly Louth County Council meeting.

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