Boy racers rear heads again

As people were settling into the Christmas break and enjoying the festivities Sinn Féin Councillor Antóin Watters was receiving calls from concerned residents of the Feede and Blackgate area of Ravensdale about excessive noise and dangerous driving.
Cllr Antóin Watters has condemned the actions of the so called ‘boy racers’ and said the roads were a bit quieter because it was holiday time and these ‘racers’ took the opportunity to behave recklessly, not only endangering their own lives but anyone else’s who may have been on the road.
“Cars were being driven at high speeds and drifting, one resident actually seen these cars being driven around the roundabout the wrong way at Feede. The problem had seemed to have calmed down somewhat since October when it had escalated but the quiet holiday time appears to have brought them out again,” stated Cllr Watters who fears someone could get hurt.
“What they don’t seem to understand is, apart from disturbing the residents’ right to peace in their own homes, someone just needs to be out walking or driving by and one of these ‘racers’ lose control or don’t see them until it’s too late. It only takes a split second. The ‘racers’ themselves seem to have no sense of danger but if they hit or injure someone they will have to face the consequences of that and that will impact on their own lives as well.
“Make no mistake, this is anti-social behavior and a danger to pedestrians, householders and drivers alike. We need to tackle this scourge before it escalates even further and ends up in tragedy.”
Cllr Watters has spoken to Gardaí in relation to this and has requested extra patrols in the area.

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