Conor’s annual fundraiser in Blackrock

The annual Crosscause fundraiser on Blackrock beach once again proved to be a huge success with Conor Hughes and company raising €5000 on the day. All proceeds will go to towards a new eye treatment clinic in Ghana which Crosscause hope to open within the next twelve months.
Conor’s charity Crosscause has been helping the people of Romania, Moldova and Ghana for over ten years and his St Stephen’s Day get together is the charity’s main fundraiser each year. Over the years Conor has dressed up as Charlie Chaplin, a bee, Thierry Henry’s hand as well as hosting his own version of The Gathering (which he labelled The Scattering) all in an effort to raise money for Crosscause.
This year’s event saw Conor highlight the issue of the damage plastics cause in the sea and to the environment. At 11am Conor, dressed as King Neptune perched himself high above the sea on top of a whale’s blowhole made out of plastic bottles. He stayed there until 5pm by which time locals had donated a cool €5000 towards his Ghana project. Conor was understandably delighted with the turnout and thanked all who supported his latest venture.
“We’ve been doing this for many years now and it’s always been a great mornings craic. This year we had our fundraiser for our project in Ghana where we hope to open up an eye clinic later this year. We received a donation of three eye telescopes which have already been shipped off to Ghana and we will be up and running in 2019. Currently people in the village in Ghana where we are going have to travel hundreds of miles to get their eyes treated so this project will be of great value to that region,” explained Conor.

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