Hillwalkers warned to stay safe

Hillwalkers and mountain climbers have been warned to stay safe following a number of incidents in the Mourne and Cooley mountains over the weekend. Two men died in separate incidents in the Mourne mountains over the weekend while a man was airlifted to hospital after damaging his ankle in the Cooley mountains.
Windy conditions and slippy ground were thought to be factors and George Campbell who is the officer in charge of the Greenore Coast Guard service warned walkers to be careful particularly during this time of year.
The Greenore Coastguard and Irish Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 116 were called to assist a hillwalker who was injured on the Cooley Mountains yesterday afternoon. We were called in when the walker involved sustained an ankle injury. He was with a group of people who were looking after him when we arrived but we are not sure if he was walking on his own beforehand. The conditions on Sunday were very windy and as well as that the ground was slippy due to the mist. The helicopter couldn’t perform an air winch due to the turbulence so it landed and the man was airlifted to hospital where I believe his injuries are not too serious.
“We weren’t involved in the incident of the two guys that lost their lives in the Mourne mountains but we send our condolences to their families. The incidents over the weekend highlight the dangers of walking in the mountains in poor conditions especially for people with little experience. We urge people to be very careful out there and to walk with extreme caution if they are out on a day when conditions are not calm,” advised George.

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