Delight as Zoe fund reaches target

The parents of Zoe Murphy have thanked the people of Dundalk for helping them raise €100,000 which will enable their two-year old daughter Zoe to travel to America for a life changing operation.
Lynda Bannon and Eamon Murphy stated that they were forever in debt to the kind people of Dundalk and described the town as unstoppable when one of their own needs help.
Two-year old Zoe Murphy was born with quadriplegia and cerebral palsy at 21 months old and as a result suffers with spasticity and restricted movement. Zoe’s parents Lynda Bannon and Eamon Murphy were told by doctors that their daughter faced the prospect of being in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. However, after remarkable improvements Zoe was told that she was now eligible to receive life changing surgery in America that could improve her standard of living still further.
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Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy aims to selectively destroy problematic nerve roots in the spinal cord – potentially eradicating spasticity as Zoe’s bones/muscles continue to grow.
On Monday evening Zoe and her parents were handed a cheque for €20,130.61 from the organisers of the Foods McLoughlin Cup (Steven Hoey, David Curran, Aaron Lawless, Liam McShane and Alan Gray) who raised the huge amount through a football tournament in memory of passionate Dundalk supporter Robert ‘Foods’ McLoughlin. Robert’s parents Sid and Attracta were also on hand to hand over the cheque to Zoe and both Lynda and Eamonn gave special thanks to the pair for letting the event go ahead in aid of their daughter.
“The final amount raised by the legendary boys from The Foods McLoughlin Cup is in and we are just amazed at what has been achieved,” stated Zoe’s parents.
“€20,130.60 in total has been raised toward Zoe’s fund which has changed everything for us. This brought us from still fundraising for about another year to having the end in sight. We can’t thank these five men, David, Steven, Ryan, Aaron and Liam, enough. The effort they put in for us and for Zoe and the result they got is beyond our wildest expectations.
“A very special thanks to the McLoughlin family who have been so kind to us and to Zoe for blessing this go ahead in their son’s honour. We are privileged we were made the recipients of this event. We can’t thank you enough for everything and for coming out tonight so we could officially say thank you for everything. We have been told from the start this could take years to raise, we were told we would have to go nationwide as we couldn’t get this in Dundalk.
“We are proof this town is unstoppable when one of its own needs help. In just over four months, thanks massively to these fantastic people for a huge contribution to the end total, we are within reach of the intended target.
“We have a few events still in place and all the raised money will go toward Zoe’s lifelong physio, but we are at the stage now where we are on the hospital cancellation waiting list and hope to be off ASAP. Thank you guys so much and thank you Dundalk. We are forever in your debt and can’t express how much we appreciate the continued support,” concluded a very grateful Lynda and Eamon.

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