Leprechaun legend travels Down Under

Ireland’s most famous Leprechaun whisperer has become a big hit in a kindergarden in Auckland New Zealand thanks to a four year old Irish girl who wowed her little friends with tales of his cavern in Carlingford.
Kevin Woods from Carlingford is well known around these parts for his love of Leprechauns and the 75-year-old has famously claimed that he can see and is in contact with the 236 remaining little people who live in and around the Cooley mountains. Since Kevin first set eyes on a Leprechaun in the Cooley mountains over twenty years ago he has introduced thousands of tourists to the region to tell them tales of all things Leprechaun.
The former PJ Carroll’s salesman currently runs a Last Leprechauns of Ireland tour and a couple of years ago opened a Leprechaun and fairy underground cavern where he tells visitors all about the story of the last Leprechauns. One particular visitor to Kevin was a four-year old girl who was given a Leprechaun by Kevin to take home with her following her tour. Fast forward a few months and the same girl was now living in New Zealand where she regularly visited a kindergarden in Auckland called Brownsbay.
During her visits to brownsbay the young girl would regale her fellow classmates with tales of Leprechauns telling them all about Kevin’s magical cavern and showing off the Leprechaun he had given to her.
Sarah Garrod, a teacher in the kindergarden was asked by the children in the nursery if they could send Kevin a letter asking for their own Leprechaun given the fact that New Zealand don’t have any. Below is the letter Kevin received from Sarah and the children in Browns Bay Kindergarden.
“Today from the other side of the world.
Kia Ora Kevin and greetings from New Zealand,
We are a Kindergarten (childcare centre) based in Auckland New Zealand and have a lovely four-year-old Irish lass who comes to play with us each day. She has been to visit your Leprechaun Cavern and excitedly told us how you are a Leprechaun whisperer. She has her own Leprechaun which she takes great care of and showed us your book which she read to some children.
Yesterday she asked if we could write you a letter to ask if you could send us a Leprechaun for our Kindergarten since we do not have any in New Zealand so we went to work at writing you a letter to send.
Now obviously as the post is snail speed I have decided not to physically post you the letters and you can find them attached to the email.
We are not expecting you to send us a Leprechaun as they need to stay safe in Ireland but wondered if you might send a reply back to the children or something we can download to support this interest.
Hope the winter is being kind to you over there.
Nga mihi (Kind regards)
Sarah Garrod”
According to Kevin he was delighted but not surprised to have received a request for a Leprechaun from the other side of the world. The letter was lovely and I’m delighted that the humble Leprechaun has piqued interest all the way over in New Zealand. I responded to Sarah immediately and sent her and her children five books from my self-published series which are full of information about the history, geography and geology of the Cooley mountains as witnessed by the Leprechauns. I hope the children enjoy the books and maybe some day they will visit us in Carlingford and see the Leprechauns for themselves. Since I’ve started doing the tours I’ve had interest from all over the place. We actually had a Russian TV crew come over and do a programme on us last year and off the back of that we had a Ukrainian family visit us a couple of weeks ago. My bond with the Leprechauns has enabled me to meet many people from many different places from all walks of life and long may that continue,” stated Kevin.

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