Malicious fire at athletic club

St Peter’s Athletic Club in Dromiskin were the target of mindless vandals last weekend when a fire was started maliciously which burned much of their equipment. The club who have a field behind St Joseph’s GAA club use a large storage container which contains all of their equipment including shot putts, javelins, hurdles and starting blocks.
There were also spades, rakes and large tyres burnt which were also being used by the GAA club for strength training. Tom McGrane a member of St Peter’s Athletic club hit out at the vandals who he says caused damage which will probably cost the club a four-figure sum.
“Unfortunately, on Saturday evening our club was targeted by mindless vandals who set fire to a container we had in the field which housed all of our equipment. On Sunday morning we had to sift through the wreckage to try and salvage what we could. There was plenty of damage including specialised equipment such as hurdles which can cost up to €100 per hurdle. We also have a generator stored in there for the floodlights and there seems to be damage to it as well.
“It’s just a senseless act really which damages a facility which is used by the whole community. We have coaches in the club who give up their time to help the 60 or so members we have in St Peter’s Athletics Club and now this week it looks like we will not be able to train.
“We will do our very best to carry on as usual but this definitely has a detrimental effect on our club and I really have to wonder what goes through somebody’s head when they commit an act of vandalism like this.
“These people are choosing anti-social behaviour over sport and it affects the whole community. We have people who come into the field just to train themselves sometimes and the field is always open for anybody in the area to use. Unfortunately the people who did this damage on Saturday evening don’t seem to care about the community and it’s left to us now to try and replace all the damaged equipment,” stated Tom.

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