Traders request no posters

St Nicholas Qtr Traders & Residents are calling on elected representatives and candidates to avoid Bridge St for postering as a mark of support for the community.
The group has noted that many areas, including Blackrock, have made similar requests for environmental reasons, but have pointed out that their request is to highlight concern and frustration over the lack of support for regenerating the streets.
The letter to representatives was as follows:
“We note much debate around postering, ahead of local elections this year. Given the uncertainty surrounding the completion of the St Nicholas Qtr works and proposed regeneration of Bridge St, Linenhall St and environs, alongside the ongoing inability to confirm what’s happening, the Traders & Residents respectfully ask that that no electioneering posters be erected in Bridge St or Linenhall St in the absence of progress on the project. In that way, you, as elected reps, are acknowledging the urgent need to get this project up and running, as well as helping us to proactively improve our environment. “

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