Diversity week in the Marist

The students council at St Marys College Dundalk plays a major part in school life and they are always trying to promote the student voice and listen to their ideas in order to better themselves.
The students took the lead with Diversity Week along with their teachers to celebrate the event throughout the different years. Each morning the prayer was read out in one of the native languages of some of the students, this included Africans, Polish and French. Students also participated in a poster competition and a scavenger hunt kept many very busy at lunch-time. The student council welcomed in their guest speaker, Collete Damikeni from DkIT who gave a thought provoking talk on asylum seekers, refugees and migrants. Ethnic foods was a definite highlight for the students in Home Economics to celebrate many tradition dishes enjoyed throughout the school community.
Meanwhile, the Transition Year students recently took part in their annual Driver Safety Day, with the 1st Drive Team at Whiteriver Park. The 1st Drive team Transition Year driving course is specifically aimed at students who are under the qualifying age to hold a learners permit but want to learn to drive and eventually sit their test. The programme assists students in developing their driving skills in a safe and controlled environment before taking to the open roads.
The interactive classroom sessions challenge students to deal with real-world driving situations. As usual the students were enthusiastic about and delighted with the day.

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