Call to extend Greenway from Carlingford to Dundalk

Erin McGreehan Local Election Candidate for Dundalk Carlingford has called for work to start on the feasibility of extending the greenway from Carlingford to Dundalk and further afield.
Ms McGreehan stated: “We have a vast and rich heritage of beautiful landscape, history and biodiversity in our area; a greenway extension is one way of enhancing the growth potential of our region.”
“The economic and ecological benefits of greenways are clear with a quarter of million people using Mayo’s Great Western Greenway annually. This has resulted in creating 200 jobs in areas such as guided walks, bike rentals, cafes, taxis and hotels. McGreehan states that this is a very beneficial opportunity for our local economy and we must take advantage of it,” added Erin
“Greenways have become an exceptionally innovative way to develop Irish tourism, providing an attractive means to open up access to the countryside, stimulating employment opportunities and encouraging more sustainable travel. Mayo’s Greenway was a test case and in its first year of operation had 80,000 visitors who spent €7 million.
“The Carlingford Omeath Greenway has been hugely successful, with people young and old, locals and visitors alike using it and enjoying the scenic views it has to offer. It has undoubtedly increased quality of life in the community and has consequently attracted new business. The planned extension from Omeath to Newry will create 10.1km of a new cross-border greenway, linking Newry City and Carlingford,” she added
“We need to look further, we can potentially connect Newry and Dundalk. It is time we get working on funding the feasibility. This is the way forward. We need to be ahead of the curve to start using the beauty and history in a sustainable way that will benefit our communities and our ecology.”

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