Mothers organise fundraiser for Autism Family Fun Day

Three Dundalk women have launched a fundraising page to try and fill a void locally in relation to resources for autistic children. Nadine Mulligan, Traci Lennon and Ciara Lennon are on the first steps of a journey which they hope will ultimately see them form a charity which will be a one stop shop for advice and help for families affected by autism.
Nadine’s son Liam is almost two years old and is currently been assessed in relation to his autism. Traci, also has a son called Martin who is in Junior Infants and he also has autism. Ciara is Martin’s aunt and she has teamed up with Nadine and Traci to help raise money to throw a huge family fun day in aid of autism acceptance.
The trio would love to provide a super fun day for all families in the locality, with sensory hours dedicated to kids on the spectrum and also prizes that will directly benefit asd families.

This promises to be an inclusive, fun event for all families. A day filled with laughter, games and lots of memories to be made. There will be entertainment, stalls, games, sensory area, sensory hours, food and drinks and raffles every 30 mins. It is also hoped that vendors will be available to sell asd related resources at a discount price with much needed items such as weighted blankets etc.
According to Nadine there is a lack of resources locally to support families affected by autism and she is hoping that this fundraiser marks the beginning of a charity which will remain long after the family fun day to help local families.
“Although it is an autism acceptance event we would like to stress that everybody is invited to come along to our family fun event which we hope to have in August. Obviously, autism is something quite close to our committee’s hearts and we want this to be a sensory friendly event as with regular family fun days can prove to be a bit much for kids with autism who can be affected by the bright lights and noise.
“We wish to welcome as many people as possible, families of all shapes and sizes, disabilities or not. We plan to make this such a fun enjoyable day.
“We are currently looking into the steps involved in becoming a regulated charity as we hope to eventually become a sort of one stop shop to be able to give advice and help to parents of children with autism.
This idea only came to us last week but we’re already very busy organising things and we’ve already secured a venue for August 4. It’s going to be a busy few months ahead but we look forward to the challenge and we welcome any help and support from people around the locality to ensure we have a great day,” stated Nadine.
If you would like to support the Autism Family Fun Day event you can visit the trio’s fundraiser gofundme page.

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