Stabannon Parnells sticker book initiative

Stabannon Parnells have come up with a novel idea for a fundraiser with the club about to launch their ‘Sticker Book’ to try and raise money for the club.
The club will launch their sticker book campaign on June 9 and after that date supporters can buy a pack of six stickers for just €1. Every player in the club from the junior teams to the ladies side will have their own sticker and the book will be completed when all stickers are collected. According to Mags Briscoe who is on the ‘Sticker Book’ committee there’s a great buzz around the Stabannon community ahead of the initiative.
“I believe we are the first football club in the country to launch an initiative like this and we are very excited ahead of our launch night next week. We are working with a company from Spain who are sending us the sticker books next week. We are charging €1 for a pack of six stickers and all players in the club will be represented in the sticker book. There is no upfront cost to the club as the company in Spain will recoup most of the sales of the stickers. We will be making our money for the club through sponsorship. Thankfully there has been huge interest so far in our fundraiser and it’s been a real win-win situation for the club.
“We are launching the fundraiser in the club on the 9th of June and after that stickers will be available to buy in the club or through members of the sticker book committee. We’ve already had other clubs contacting us asking us about the initiative and I would think this will become a very popular form of fundraising for clubs in the coming months,” stated Mags.
If anybody would like any information regarding this fundraiser they can contact secretary.stabannonparnells.

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