Lauren is honoured with bravery award

A young girl from Tallanstown has been honoured with a bravery award after calmly relaying information to ambulance control as her father was having a stroke. Twelve-year old Lauren Brennan was accompanied by her parents John and Claire as she received her bravery award at the National Emergency Operations Centre in Tallaght last week.
Lauren was only nine years old when the incident occurred in 2016 and according to her dad John who was born with a genetic heart condition she showed remarkable calmness and coolness when on the phone to the emergency services, as John recalled.
“It was a lovely day so myself, my wife Claire, my daughter Lauren, my son Shaun, a neighbour’s child and our dog decided to go to the park in Tallanstown. When we got there myself and Claire started a treasure hunt for the kids and everything was going grand. Lauren then came over to me to ask me about one of the clues and she immediately noticed that the whole left side of my face had started to droop down and I was unable to speak.
“She called her mam over straight away who put me in the recovery position on the ground. Claire was attending me and the kids who were understandably upset so it was left to Lauren to call 999 and relay all the information and gather all the instructions from ambulance control.
“Although I couldn’t speak I was aware of my surroundings and I could see Lauren calmly speak to the ambulance control and relay all the information to Claire for about 15 minutes. She then gave them perfect directions to get to the park and within minutes I was in the ambulance and brought to hospital.
“I have to say I was very proud of her and how calm and cool she remained during the whole incident. I’m 38 and I don’t think I would have handled myself as well if the roles were reversed. I’ve had a genetic heart condition since birth which had been deteriorating during the couple of years before the stroke.
“Last year it was functioning at about eight percent but then I finally got the call in September just gone to go in for a heart transplant. I spent four months in hospital away from my family while recovering but thankfully today I am nearly back to my best and almost ready to get back working.
“It was a lovely touch from the National Ambulance Service to award Lauren with a bravery award and after her experience she now has plans to become an emergency call taker when she leaves school,” noted John.

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