Future of the planet is in very good hands

They say action speaks louder than words and amidst all the talk of climate change and saving the planet a couple of students from St Louis have taken matters into their own hands by organising two separate clean-ups in their communities.
Sixteen-year old Emma Lynch and 15-year old Lauren Boyle are both passionate about the environment and are leading by example in their respective communities in their attempts to combat pollution.
Emma from the Mill Road in Dundalk has recruited her nine-year old sister Sophie to help tackle the issue of littering in her area and the duo can regularly be seen out and about with a litter pick, gloves and black bin bags as they clean up the streets beside their home.
Meanwhile fifteen-year old student Lauren Boyle who has just completed her Junior Cert is busy recruiting helpers for a massive ‘Ocean Clean Up’ on Annagassan beach which will take place on July 6th between 11am and 2am. Lauren took it upon herself to print out posters and advertise her campaign and she is hopeful that she will have a small army of volunteers to help clean up the beach early next month.

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