Mourners at the funeral of Joshua Hill heard the 10-year-old described as a “ray of light” and were encouraged to celebrate his life.
Joshua, who passed away after a tragic drowning accident in Carlingford, was laid to rest in his home village on Saturday morning.
Hundreds turned out at St Michael’s Church, Carlingford and the nearby cemetery to pay their last respects to the young boy and offer their support to his parents, Peter and Olivia, along with brother Oliver.
Peter Hill told the congregation that Joshua would be sorely missed as he gave such energy to everything he did and we will always remember him. He described his son as a “ray of light” and thanked all who came to celebrate his life.
Parish Priest Fr Brian McRaois recalled that Joshua had a great impact on all who knew him.
“He communicated non-verbally and very powerfully and from that inner purity there radiated an energy that was beautiful, a bright light that was always shining, a joy that was infectious. “Joshua was happy, he was joyful, he was happy in himself, he was happy in his family, he was happy in his home, he was happy in school, he was happy in the Maria Goretti Centre.”
Symbols of his life had been brought forward by family and friends including among other items his blanket, his school photograph and his jigsaw.
Members of the Maria Goretti centre provided a guard of honour as Joshua’s white coffin with floral decorations was carried from the church.
Emergency services had been called to the home of Joshua at 7am last Thursday and had rushed him to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda where he was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

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