Locals pay tribute to Brendan Grace

Friends and family of the late Brendan Grace packed out Church of St Nicholas of Myra on Francis Street in Dublin as they said goodbye to one of Ireland’s most loved comedians.
Amongst the mourners were Dundalk couple Patsy Rogers and Mary Keenan who had been close friends with Brendan for over 25 years. According to Patsy the Dublin comic was one of the funniest most genuine people you could ever wish to meet and he admitted the ceremony on Monday afternoon was very emotional.
“It was a beautiful ceremony which was wonderfully led by Brendan’s long-time friend Fr Brian D’Arcy. It was very emotional but also funny as well with Fr D’Arcy saying that Brendan had asked him to organise a merchandise stall for the back of the church to sell some of his old dvd’s,” laughed Patsy.
“Through my work in booking shows I met Brendan for the first time in the Park Hotel in Omeath in 1994 and we have been personal friends ever since. He absolutely loved this whole area and his old Fairways Hotel shows were always sold out months in advance. Brendan actually played the very last show in it before it closed.
“After that the Carrickdale became Brendan’s home and he had great time for the owner John McParland. Myself and my partner Mary spent lovely times in Brendan and his wife Ellen’s home in Killaloe, Co. Clare and from the first time we stepped foot in the place we were told to treat it like our own home.
“He was such a generous man and would often spend two hours after his show signing photographs. He also loved to write get well soon cards, birthday cards, thank you cards and he is well known for writing at least six to eight cards every single day and posting them in the local post office. While there he would always buy the two girls in the post offices a choc ice each. As well as being a very funny man he was also very very thoughtful,” explained Patsy.
“Unfortunately, he got sick earlier in the summer and had to cancel all his shows for the remainder of this year and pretty soon we realised that he was in a bad way. I know that there is a three part documentary being aired in a few months and just before Brendan died he called in the production team for one last scene to say goodbye to his fans. That comes out in October and will be agreat tribute to the man as well as being a tearjerker.
“So on behalf of myself, Mary Keenan, Tom Kelly (Brendan’s manager), Ellen Grace and the whole family we would like to thank all the fans and friends of Brendan Grace for all their support throughout the years. He was still laughing and joking up to the very last day and myself and Mary were due to visit him on Thursday the 11th but unfortunately he passed that morning. We will remember Brendan as the funny ordinary man who was the same on stage as he was off it. A fabulous friend gone too soon,” concluded Patsy.

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