Amy in Irish squad for Elite Championships

Local female boxer Amy Broadhurst will travel to Madrid this week to compete in the European Elite championship 2019. The tournament will take place from August 24 to 31 and competitors from all over Europe will take part in this year’s tournament.
Four female boxers will make up the squad to represent Ireland at this year’s competition. The Irish squad consists of boxers Christina Desmond from Cork, Ceire Smith from Cavan and Castlereas Aoife O’Rourke. Amy’s father and coach, Tony, explained that this represents a huge challenge for the Irish boxers.
“There are no weak fighters in this tournament. Everyone is a champion, they all had to qualify to earn their place in the tournament. This competition will be very tough with over 20 fighters in Amy’s weight category,” he explained.
This will be Amy’s second bout at this level having fought for the last time at under 22 years age category at the European tournament in Russia last February. Amy holds seven Irish titles and she is the current Irish champion at an Under 22 level. A medal at this week’s tournament will add to her tally of 15 gold medals and one silver at a European underage level.
The young boxer is by far one of the most successful female Irish boxers to date. The elite European championship will see Amy fighting at an Olympic weight of 60 kilos, against experienced and seasoned fighters.
Amy started boxing at the young age of five years, with Dealgan Boxing Club which is based in Marian Park, Dundalk. Preparation for this competition started months ago, firstly training with her Dundalk club and the in Abbotstown for the last six weeks. She will complete her training this week, which will end 12 weeks of serious training.
“She has given her life to the sport. It’s a full-time job and she has made many sacrifices for her sport. Amy started to take boxing seriously at the age of 11 and has very much created a culture for female boxers in Dealgan club. In the last three years we have seen a great increase in interest by female boxers. We have many competing at an extremely high level. The big dream and goal for Amy is the to compete in the Olympics next year,” said Tony.

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