Safety concerns ahead of school return

In the week when children are preparing for their return a local man has expressed concerns about safety near one of the town’s busiest schools.
Local Pearse Park resident Brendan Moore has raised concerns over the noticeable increase in traffic volumes in the area from the Demesnse, Pearse Park to the top of the hill out to McEntee Avenue.
Mr Moore is very concerned that the road is being used as an alternative route to avoid traffic lights and road works further into town, and is particularly anxious to see safety measures implemented before the children return to school.

“That vehicles are using this route constantly as a shortcut to the town centre. One morning I counted 280 cars, 87 vans, 5 buses and 2 lorries all using the route. This was over a fifty-minute period in the morning time between 8.20 am to 9.10 am.” stated Brendan Moore.

Mr Moore contacted his local representative Declan Breathnach to seek the return of proper road signage and traffic calming measures as the area has several primary schools and is a residential area.

Mr Moore wishes to see that additional signage be put in place closer to the Harp crossing to slow traffic at the pedestrian crossing. He would also like to see the return of a yield or stop sign at priory road to Pearse park junction and the return of speeds signs which were removed several years ago to be replaced.

Brendan is very concerned that the increase in traffic, and the speed of the traffic coming through the area is now a greater hazard to residents, and to children and pedestrians who wish to cross the road at school entrances. “With the schools reopening soon, something has to be done to calm the traffic,” stated Brendan Moore.

The council have responded to his request stating that road signage markings will be returned but that no additional speed limit signage will be added at this location. However, the local authority is proposing to carry out a traffic count on Mc Entee avenue following the completion of resurfacing works. This is to see if traffic calming measures are warranted.

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