Ray appeals to council for help

An 86-year old Dundalk man has appealed to the local authority to help him stop people parking outside his house.
Ray Pearson from Broughton Street has daily problems trying to park outside his own house and claims the problem has got worse since the council installed cycle lanes on St Mary’s Road. Ray still drives but is unable to walk for more than 50 metres which becomes a problem if somebody is parked outside his home. According to the pensioner he has already contacted Louth County Council about the issue but has yet to receive a response.
“I have daily problems trying to use the parking outside my house. Every day somebody else parks there, sometimes all day. A lot of this situation was brought about by the council installing a cycle lane in St Mary’s Road. This then forced half the cars in the street to go looking for parking elsewhere, including outside my house,” he explained.
“The cycle lane starts nowhere and ends nowhere, and as I’m a cyclist I am experienced in these things, and I’m appalled at the haphazard installation of cycle lanes, all over the town. From what I can see every one of them starts and ends nowhere. The parking in this area becomes an even more serious problem when the schools open.
“I am 86 years old, and although I ride a bike to keep fit, I am unable to walk more than 50 metres, so when the parking at my house is blocked off I have nowhere to go as I cannot park in some other place that’s too far for me to walk.
“I wrote to the County Manager, asking for help, but although I sent my letter twice it never got a response. All I asked for was a small yellow box, or even a double yellow line outside my house, but I am disappointed not to have received a response,” explained Ray.
Meanwhile Louth County Council stated that parking spots outside people’s houses can only be reserved in specific cases such as loading bays or disabled parking bays.

“The roadway in front of a houses is a public road and is not available for reservation other than for specific uses specified in the roads acts such as loading bays or disabled parking. Even where disabled parking spaces are provided, those spaces are available to all persons with a disabled badge and cannot be specifically reserved for a single individual.
“Nevertheless, the provision of a disabled bay in front of, or close to, a disabled badge holder’s house generally provides a greater opportunity to that person to avail of parking close to their home,” read the statement.

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