Coláiste Lú ‘on deathbed’ according to worried parents

In their latest bid to save the school, Colásite Lú parents, in conjunction with Conradh na Gaeilge, organised a public rally in Dundalk on Saturday in celebration of the Irish language – Gaeilge Abú – which was attended by several hundred people.
The Parents Association claim that the school has reneged on commitments and guarantees given to them as recently as June in relation to teaching their children through the Irish language. As a result they state that they no longer have confidence that he is willing or able to provide and manage Irish medium education to a standard their children deserve.
Colaiste Lú is an aonad (unit) in Dundalk which was set up to provide deep immersion Irish medium education within an LMETB school (Colaiste ChúChulainn). It is the only Irish medium school in Louth and a key part of the Irish language infrastructure in the North East.
According to a statement released by the Parent’s Association in the aftermath of a meeting held with the LMETB last Wednesday no progress has been made between the two sides.
“Coláiste Lú parents eventually had a meeting on Wed September 18 with the LMETB and school management about their concerns.
“No explanations were offered as to why so many teachers resigned or why the ethos and operational management of Coláiste Lú was so radically changed at the beginning of the school year without consultation or notification.
“Now into the fifth week of the new school term, parents are awaiting LMETB to contact them as agreed to confirm dates to meet again to discuss outstanding issues of concern. The parents have committed to working with LMETB, Board of Management, the Principal and their local TDs, to determine if there is any resolution to the crisis,” the statement read.
Meanwhile, Gael Scoil Dún Dealgan, clarified their position in relation to Coláiste Lú with the following statement.
“Gael Scoil Dún Dealgan, as a DEIS school, has a responsibility to ensure that every pupil has a secondary school place and they cannot and do not recommend any school over any other, nor can they or do they ever show bias against any school. The fact that the Principal did not send anyone to represent or promote Coláiste Lú when all the other schools did, does not represent a bias by Gael Scoil Dún Dealgan against the school. Parents of 6th Class pupils may have interpreted this as a bias in error.”

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