Hospitality training at St Louis

Fiona Dunne of Hospitality Skills Ireland spent a day in St Louis Secondary School last week with the LCA students in the school teaching them the skills required to serve in 5 Star hotels and restaurants.
Fiona who has worked in the industry for 30 years and hosted events for the Obamas, the Clintons and Westlife to name a few, worked with the girls on a la carte and table d’hote table settings for 5 Star hotels.
The students learned how to write up order dockets, fold napkins, serve drinks and carry numerous plates. It was a great hands-on experience for the students and great fun.
This completed a key assignment for their Hotel, Catering and Tourism course and their teacher Yvonne Mc Dermott explained how imporant it was.
“The hospitality industry is one of the sectors which has lots of opportunities for employment. Basic skills needed in the sector such as how to carry and clear plates, how to take orders for food and drink, how to set up tables for different occasions and the basic terminology used is part of the training given to Silver Service staff everywhere.
“For our girls to receive that now is invaluable to them. This combined with our continuing relationship with DkIT means the Leaving Cert Applied Classes girls are really well prepared should they choose to go into the hospitality business in the future,” added Yvonne.

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