DkIT reverse decision to move graduation

Students in DkIT were celebrating yesterday morning when the President of the college backed down on plans to bring the graduation ceremony into the town centre. These plans were met with widespread anger from students and following a number of protests and meetings between the Students Union and President Michael Mulvey it was announced that the graduation would take place on campus.
The row broke out between students and the President last week when it was announced that a number of conferring ceremonies for graduates would be held at Dundalk Town Hall after plans to stage them in St Patrick’s Cathedral fell through. This decision was immediately questioned by students who demanded that the graduation ceremony take place in the campus. The lack of consultation was a particular bone of contention and they were quickly backed by staff in DkIT who released a statement lending their support to the students.
Speaking on Tuesday morning President Michael Mulvey PhD confirmed that conferring and associated events would take place on the DkIT campus.
“Having listened to the views of students and their ardent and heartfelt wishes to have conferring 2019 on campus I am pleased to say that their wishes are being acted upon and that conferring and associated events will take place on the DkIT campus this year.
“Whilst the idea of bringing the graduation into the heart of the town is a worthy innovation, it will now be considered as part of a consultative forum that will explore how graduation might evolve and innovate in the years ahead,” explained Dr. Mulvey.
Welcoming this decision Mr. Glenn McCourt, President of DkIT Student Union said “I am delighted, that as a result of engagement with Dr. Mulvey, conferral 2019 will take place on Campus. Going forward, the student body certainly sees merit in exploring and identifying ways in which the Graduation ceremony can promote greater engagement and interaction between the college and the wider community and in this regard the students look forward to fully participating in the proposed consultative forum”.

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