Residents express concern over road in estate

Residents in Lis Na Dara have expressed their concerns regarding a proposed through road which Louth County Council plan to build in the estate. The through road will connect the Carrickmacross Road to the Castleblayney Road and CPO’s (Compulsory Purchase Orders) have already been issued to a number of houseowners in both Lis Na Dara and Mount Avenue.
Planning permission was sought for this project in 2007 and work is due to begin in six months time. However, according to Fine Gael councillor Maria Doyle residents in Lis Na Dara are unhappy that they have had no say on the new road which will split the estate in two. Cllr Doyle who is also a resident in Lis Na Dara expressed her disappointment with the lack of engagement with residents from the council while also highlighting the fact that estate is home to many young children who enjoy playing in the open green area of the estate.
“As well as being a public representative I am also a resident of Lis Na Dara and I have been listening to residents in the estate express their concerns regarding this road which is going to split our estate in two,” explained Maria.
“As I pointed out at the monthly Louth Council meeting this morning the data from the original plans for this project were lodged in 2007. A lot has changed since then and many of the residents who were are here today weren’t even living in the estate back then. The estate has grown and as well as that there is much more traffic on the Carrick Road compared to twelve years ago especially since the opening of Mount Hamilton estate further up the road. There is also eighty houses approved to be built in Mount Avenue which will result in further traffic for the area. When the original planning permission was lodged the road through Lis Na Dara was originally envisaged as a supplemented road in addition to the Western Bypass project which has since been scrapped. As a result this road through Lis Na Dara will be taking all of the traffic that was originally meant to go on the Western Bypass.
“Lis Na Dara is an open estate and there are safety issues which are concerning the residents many of whom have young children who to date have been out playing freely in the greens on the estate. A new thoroughfare through the estate is going to put huge pressure on residents who haven’t had a chance to voice their concerns about it. The Management Company for the estate haven’t been notified either about Louth County Council’s plans and I really think that residents should be given the chance to air any concerns,” stated Cllr Doyle.
“CPO’s have been issued recently to houseowners in both Lis Na Dara and Mount Avenue which is how people became aware that this was coming down the line. The main problem for me is that planning permission for local authority projects have no end date. For any normal person you have to be seen to begin work on the project within five years and if nothing is done within a ten-year time frame the planning permission is cancelled. Louth County Council have been sitting on this planning permission for twelve years now and to me it seems ridiculous that they can begin work on that project now without considering the many changing factors which I listed above,” stated Maria.
“I know the management company in Lis Na Dara are holding their AGM on the 14th of November and I would urge any concerned residents to attend that meeting,” added Maria.

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