Burglaries down but thefts and robberies up

An Garda Siochana attended a Joint Policing Commitee meeting in Dundalk at the end of October where they gave a short presentation on latest crime figures and statistics.
During the presentation local gardaí revealed that burglaries in Dundalk in 2019 were down 13% when compared to the same period in 2018. There were a total of 213 burglaries in 2018 compared to 186 this year to date. There was also a 15% drop in thefts from vehicles with 2018’s figure of 117 dropping to 99 this year. The most dramatic drop in figures was in relation to possession of drugs which saw a huge decrease of 49%. 458 people were charged under section 3 (possession of controlled drugs) in 2018 while that figure is now down to 276. Assaults were also down by 17% (206 this year compared to 248 in 2018).
However, it wasn’t all good news for the Gardaí with thefts from shops increasing dramatically this year by 30%. Last year’s figure of 290 thefts rose significantly to 360 in 2019 while other thefts saw a small increase from 150 to 153. Robberies meanwhile also saw an increase with last year’s figure of 25 rising to 31. The difference between robbery and theft being that robbery involves the use of force or intimidation.
Sexual assaults are also on the rise with last year’s total of 46 rising to 60 which represents a rise of 26%. There were also a 26% rise in section 15 offences with drugs (sale or supply) with last year’s figure of 39 rising to 51. Domestic incidents are also on the increase with 346 incidents reported this year compared to 302 last year, a rise of 13%.

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