Lisa Smith is determined to prove her innocence

Independent TD Peter Fitzpatrick believes that Lisa Smith is happy to be able to put forward her version of events while being questioned at Kevin Street Garda station in Dublin. The 38-year old returned to Ireland on Sunday with her young daughter where she was picked up by Gardaí who took her to Kevin Street. There she was questioned on suspicion of terrorist offences.
Lisa, originally from Muirhevnamor, is a former member of the 27th Battalion stationed in Dundalk. She then moved into the Air Corps before leaving the defence forces in 2011. Around this time she converted to Islam and then in 2015 she travelled to Syria to live in an ISIS stronghold. She married and had a child with a British jihadist, Sajid Aslam, whom she said later died in the conflict.
After the defeat of ISIS earlier this year, Lisa and her daughter stayed in refugee camps run by Kurdish forces. She was then handed over to Turkish officials before finally being sent back to Ireland after negotiations with Irish officials for her repatriation.
Now Gardaí must determine if she has committed any terrorist acts and since Sunday she has been questioned in Kevin Street under section 30 of the Offences Against the State act.
According to Deputy Fitzpatrick her family were in Dublin to welcome her home and they are hopeful that their daughter will be released from the Garda station soon.
“Lisa’s mother, father and sister were up in Dublin to see her and they are currently minding her young daughter back in Dundalk. Lisa was questioned on Sunday and Monday and extended her period of detention for another 24 hours. I was asked by Lisa’s family to handle any press enquiries as they were being harassed from all angles by various news outlets. I’m their local TD and also a former member of the 27th Battalion so I was only too happy to help them out.
“I haven’t spoke to Lisa directly but her parents have told me that she is very happy to be able to put forward her side of the story and she is hopeful that she will be released without charge. She insists that she was never a member of ISIS and has never had anything to do with owning weapons or anything like that.
“Her solicitor Darragh Mackin was on Morning Ireland earlier on and he is very confident that Lisa will be exonerated. He stated that being a member of Islamic State is not necessarily a direct link to Isis and he also correctly pointed out that going to a particular location is not a terrorist offence,” explained Peter.
Lisa’s solicitor Darragh Mackin also stated that the current evidence against Lisa Smith is “inherently weak” and does not point to any terrorist offences.

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