Vikram shows real meaning of Christmas

Christmas for most people is a time for family gatherings and enjoying good food and good company. However, for some it can be the loneliest day of the year with no family or friends around to enjoy sharing the day with. An Indian restaurant in Carlingford has very kindly offered to open their doors on Christmas Day for those who are struggling financially to put a dinner on the table or for those who simply have nobody to spend the day with.
Vikram Singh who owns the Sitar Restaurant in Carlingford extended the generous offer last Thursday and wants to spread the word to ensure nobody is left alone locally on Christmas Day.
“I opened up my restaurant in Carlingford three years ago and now that I am established in the community I want to give something back to the people of this area by inviting them into my restaurant on Christmas Day. If you are struggling financially to put a dinner on the table or if you live alone and don’t have somebody to spend the day with you are very welcome to come to my restaurant between 1pm and 4pm on Christmas Day to have a meal on us. You can eat in the restaurant or take away. There will be no questions asked and nobody needs to tell me why they have come unless they really want to.
“I am originally from Rajasthan in the North West of India and my father and grandfather were both very poor. I know what it is like to have no money and since setting up my own business here in Ireland I have always wanted to give something back to the local community for those who are in need. I put out the invitation last Thursday and the response so far has been amazing. I have had calls from people in the community offering to help out on the day in the restaurant and volunteer their services which shows what wonderful people are living here. I am excited for Christmas Day and I hope that we have many people coming out to us for the afternoon.
“I myself will celebrate Christmas with my family at home after I close the restaurant on Christmas Day. It’s a nice day to celebrate with friends and family and as I said before nobody should be alone on Christmas Day,” added Vikram.
If anybody would like to take Vikram up on his kind offer they can visit his restaurant on Christmas Day between 1pm and 4pm at Carlingford Marina.

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