Louth County Council warn car owners not to park in EV Parking spaces

Louth County Council have issued a warning to electric vehicle owners asking them not to park in EV parking spaces when the car is not being charged. Some electric car owners around town have raised the issue of cars parking in the spaces for hours at a time while not using the charger.
Louth County Council have begun an awareness campaign to ask drivers to give consideration to EV owners and not hog the spaces for any length of time.
“Electric Vehicle owners please give consideration to other EV owners by freeing up EV parking spaces once charging is complete. Note that it is illegal under the bye-laws to park in these spaces when not charging,” read the statement.
Antóin Watters who raised this issue at a Louth County Council recently urged drivers to try and be courteous to their fellow drivers and not use the parking spaces for parking once charging is complete.
“There aren’t a whole lot of charging points around the town so it is very frustrating for owners of electric cars to see a car parked at one of these spaces all day. We have asked the traffic wardens to keep an eye on this as these spaces are for allowing EV users to charge their cars and then move on. We are just asking for simple courtesy here towards drivers,” stated Antóin.
Although it is illegal to park in a designated EV space whilst not charging there is currently no restricted time limit on how long you can charge your car at one of these spaces.

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