Landmark day for Dundalk Dog Rescue

Last week was without doubt one of the more special days in the fifteen year history of Dundalk Dog Rescue. Volunteers and friends of the organisation met in Dromiskin for a ‘turning of the sod, ceremony at the site of their long-awaited new rescue and rehoming centre.
Founding member of the group, Ann Moore, was given the honour of turning the sod and it is hoped that work will be completed this side of Christmas. According to Bobby Wain the ceremony was originally planned for earlier on this year but those plans had been scuppered due to the COVID19 crisis.
“We initially intended this to be a huge celebration with all the people involved in our journey coming along to help mark the turning of the sod but then COVID arrived and we had to put those plans on hold. Because of restrictions we could only invite a small number of our volunteers and supporters to Dromiskin but it was a memorable day for everybody as we took another step closer to realising our dream of opening a new centre.
“Today was a hugely important milestone after three years of tireless fundraising from so many people involved in Dundalk Dog Rescue. It was an especially momentous day for our founder Ann Moore who has worked incredibly hard since starting up this charity in 2005. She has put in so much time and effort often to the detriment of her family life to help us get to this point and we are eternally grateful to her. It was only fitting that Ann turned the sod in Dromiskin and we all want to thank her for everything she has done over the years. A countless amount of dogs are still with us today because of Ann,” explained Bobby.
“It has been a tough time this year with regards to fundraising due to the COVID outbreak but we are all determined to keep doing everything we can to keep the momentum going as we still have €100,000 to raise. We are a completely self funded charity and get no help from the government whatsoever in fact we are currently in a battle with revenue over the amount of tax they want to charge us for this venture. Luckily we have had brilliant support from the Dundalk and wider community and we have managed to raise €300,000 over the last three years to turn our dream of a new rescue home into a reality. As well as that we have had so many generous people offer us materials and supplies for our new home for nothing or at vastly reduced rates.
“We take dogs from pounds who otherwise would be euthanised and try to find homes for them but as well as that we want to change the attitudes and thinking of people when it comes to dogs. Unfortunately we are one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to laws on dog welfare and that’s something we are looking to fix. One of the positive things to come out of COVID was the fact that our kennels were pretty much emptied out during the crisis as people who were at home for the three or four months decided to get a dog. We will continue to be advocates for dogs and we will scream from the rooftops until attitudes in this country change. We are very hopeful that we will be able to open our doors before Christmas and from now until then we will continue to work hard to ensure that can happen,” concluded Bobby.

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