Fu urges clubs to nominate volunteers for awards

The Federation of Irish Sport and EBS are calling on the Irish public to nominate a volunteer in their sport who they would like to see recognised at the 2020 Volunteers in Sport Awards, which will be held at Croke Park on Monday, November 16th, 2020.
Last year’s winner was Fu Faapito who was recognised for his hard work as a volunteer supporting basketball in Dundalk. Fu is the head coach of Dundalk Ravens Basketball club which he formed in 2007 and continues to run out of Dundalk Sports Centre. Fu gives all of his own time to coach and mentor kids in the community, from ages 8-18. He supports the kids in every way possible, which enables them to reach their goals both on the court playing basketball and off the court in life. He is described as a mentor to the kids, giving so many people an outlet through sport. According to Fu he has a huge passion for volunteering and especially in giving something back to the community.
“I was born in Samoa and then moved to Hawaii before settling in Long Beach California. I had a pretty tough upbringing and would have been in gangs and stuff as a kid. Luckily for me sports saved my life and I got involved with basketball and American Football and was helped along the way by some amazing volunteers. I met my wife Triona in California and she is from here so we decided to move to Dundalk in 2002 where we both started to work in Dundalk Sports Centre in Muirhevnamor.
“I noticed that there was a lot of kids hanging around outside the sports centre every Friday night with nothing much to do so I decided to try and start up a basketball team to try and get them active and involved in a sport. It took a lot of hard work but we started to grow and grow and now we have an amazing club with about 120 members and maybe twelve teams. Sport has given me so much in my life and this was my way of giving something back. I have a real passion for coaching and seeing children improve and enjoy the game of basketball. I’m just one of thousands of volunteers around the country and I have to say without the work of volunteers in clubs all over the country there would not be any sport.
“When I received the award last year I was so honoured and it made me work even harder for the kids in our club. We have a great family atmosphere and have players coming from Navan, Monaghan and all sorts of places to play with us. If there is a club around this area who feel that one of their volunteers is worthy of nomination I would urge them to put that persons name forward,” urged Fu.
To nominate an everyday hero, simply visit http://www.volunteersinsport.com/ Nominations can be made by a club, individual or sporting body and are open from July 30th, 2020 to September 25th, 2020.

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