Anger over graduation delay

There was an angry response from a number of students this week when it was confirmed by DkIT that students due to graduate at Dundalk Institute of Technology this year will now have to wait until December or January.
As well as being put back to later in the year the ceremonies will also take place virtually because of Covid-19 restrictions.
DkIT President Dr Michael Mulvey spoke of his regret that this decision had to be made but stressed the health and students of staff and students was the colleges number one priority.
“It is with some regret that we have to inform our students of this news however, the decision to go online has been made to prioritise the health and safety of our students and staff. Graduation is a momentous occasion for our students, our institute and our wider region and we carefully considered all options before arriving at this conclusion. We are firmly committed to delivering an engaging and accessible virtual conferring ceremonies which will be both interactive and enjoyable for our students and their families,” he stated.
Reacting to the news a number of students expressed anger at the decision arguing that DkIT have had six months to make sure the event could go ahead in October. Abbie Ni Fhlaitheartha, a student nurse in the college called the decision a disgrace.
“The college had 6-7 months to plan graduation for October. This virus wasn’t going anywhere. This is just a pure joke! My nursing class has been working on the frontline for eight months now, looking after people who were COVID-19 positive! Half of my class or more caught the virus. That was hardly safe? Bringing it back to our families? Yet we can’t even get a socially distanced graduation? But yet pubs are open?
“Imagine we have all busted our asses off for four years, working 12 hour shifts unpaid to graduate over zoom? A disgrace if you ask me,” stated Abbie.
Meanwhile Film and TV student Caleb Murtagh hit out at the lack of communication between the college and students and questioned how they came to the decision to delay graduation.
“I just can’t understand the thought process from the college at all. So we can’t have it our graduation in October but DkIT have made a decision to delay it just to have it online anyway? If we have to have it online why not just do it online in October? This makes zero sense to me. I understand that we are going through a difficult period with this virus but on the one hand you have the government allowing us to have a certain number of people in pubs and restaurants while the college can’t do a socially distant class by class graduation? I don’t want to say the college can’t be bothered as there could be more to it that we are not aware of but we were deprived of our final few months of college which for some courses, particularly film and tv, is very significant. So, although it’s not the colleges fault that that happened I strongly feel that we deserve more effort from them in terms of graduation. I feel that giving us an online graduation is selling us short and that we deserve much more. It’s very disappointing to work hard on a course for four years only for four years only for my family to watch me graduate on zoom,” stated Caleb.

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