Big hearted Elisha donates communion money to charity

A LOUTH girl who celebrated her First Holy Communion recently has donated €200 to Dundalk Dog Rescue.

Elisha Moore, aged nine, from Darver made her Communion in St Michael’s Church over the weekend.

Elisha’s mother, Mary said: “Her grandmother, Ann Moore, co-founded Dundalk Dog Rescue.

“Elisha is a big animal lover and has seen first-hand through Ann the work that the charity does.

“She has an amazing heart when it comes to animals. We are big dog lovers in our family. We hope this will encourage other people to donate funds too.”

Dundalk Dog Rescue aims to save the lives of dogs on the ‘put to sleep’ lists in pounds, to help rehabilitate and re-home them, and to promote responsible dog ownership.

According to Dundalk Dog Rescue, a stray dog in the pound has five days to be reclaimed or re-homed (Control of Dogs Act, 1986). A dog surrendered by its owners may be euthanised immediately.

Louth County Council does its best to re-home dogs but unfortunately due to the sheer volume of dogs entering the pound many dogs are listed for euthanasia to accommodate new arrivals.

Dundalk Dog Rescue does not have its own premises so it minds the dogs until a place can be found for them in a re-homing rescue.
The charity relies heavily on people to help by fostering dogs until the next stage of their journey begins.
If Dundalk Dog Rescue cannot find a fosterer it pays for kennelling. The rescue runs up huge costs each month, with most of its funds being used for kennelling, transport and vet bills.

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