Craig calls for better markings of cycle lanes

A concerned father has called for better road signage and markings to show exactly which parts of roads and footpaths are being used for cycle lanes. Craig Corr from Slieve Roe Crescent in Muirhevnamor made the plea after his six-year old daughter, Isobella, was struck by a cyclist on Tom Bellew Avenue.

The collision left Isabella with two loose front teeth, a busted lip and bruising and swelling on her nose. According to Craig they were walking on a path which had absolutely no markings or signage to indicate that it was a cycle lane.

“I want to highlight to whoever is in charge of the cycle lanes in Louth County Council that ore needs to be done to clearly show where exactly the cycle lanes are in town. There is a cycle lane beside us in Slieve Roe Crescent which begins at St Joseph’s Primary School in Muirhevnamor and it has clear markings there to let everybody know exactly what it is. There are also clear markings at the other end of it where it finishes but all the path in between this is not marked at all and I believe this is very dangerous.

“If you arrived on the path anywhere between the start and end of the cycle lane you would have absolutely no idea that you were actually standing on a cycle lane. I can’t see why they can’t have markings and/or signage for the whole duration of the cycle lane to make it clear that you should not be walking on that particular piece of road,” explained Craig.

“Myself and my two young kids go for a walk every evening where we go up Tom Bellew Avenue up towards the Avenue Road. We were out last week when a bicycle came around the corner at speed towards us. He swerved to avoid me but went straight into Isabella knocking her to the ground and giving her a huge shock. We’re not blaming the cyclist as he was on a cycle lane and that’s fair enough but we do want to know why their wasn’t clear markings to let members of the public know that they shouldn’t be walking there. She got a fair bang on the face and is nervous and afraid to go out walking since. To be honest having markings just at the start and the end of the cycle lane is not good enough and I’m hoping that something can be done about this before somebody else is badly hurt by a speeding cyclist,” stated Craig.

In a statement to the Dundalk Leader Louth County Council stated that the different colour of the pathway was what distinguished the cycle lane and the walking path.
“The Council has been in contact with this gentleman and will review the markings. The cycle lane and pathway are side by side but the pathway is made from concrete while the cycleway is bitma which is black in colour. The different colouring distinguishes one from the other,” they stated.

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