Two marathons in five days for Stephen

A LOUTH man who ran two marathons in five days is calling on members of the public to donate to the Special Olympics.
Stephen O’Connor from Lordship ran the first 26km marathon on Sunday, 25 October. He started at 7am and ran from Lordship to Bellurgan to Bush to Bellurgan to Bush to Lordship in 3 hours 52 minutes.
The insurance assessor said he ran the second marathon on Friday, 30 October. He started at 6.15am and finished in 4 hours 28 minutes.

He ran from Bellurgan to Jenkinstown and covered smaller roads such as Railway Village, Gyles Quay, Bush, Rathcor and back to Lordship.
“It took me a bit longer the second time around because I was tired from the first marathon. Typically, you’re supposed to take a month off after running a marathon,” said Stephen.
Stephen started running in 2011 when a friend asked him to sign up for the Dundalk 10km. He has since completed 17 marathons.

The last marathon he ran was in May and he succeeded in raising €8,870 for the Special Olympics.
This time around Stephen is encouraging people to text the word ‘Athlete’ to 50300 so they can donate €4 to the Special Olympics.
“Running a marathon with the 5km restrictions is monotonous. It’s a mind game. Running a marathon is hard enough but it’s harder doing the same thing over and over again,” he said.
“Your mind is telling you to stop more than your body. The most important thing is to stay hydrated. I was constantly hydrating.”

Stephen added: “I set my alarm for 3am and got up and had my bowl of porridge. You have to eat three hours beforehand.
“I feel great after doing it. It gives you a good feeling about yourself. It’s great to run early in the morning before work. It sets you up for the day.”

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