Pressure mounts on DkIT President

DkIT President, Dr Michael Mulvey’s leadership of the college was put under scrutiny once again when the DkIT branch of the TUI voted overwhelmingly to issue a statement of no confidence against him.

Last Friday week a meeting of the Dundalk IT Branch of the TUI discussed a motion about the future of the Institute. The motion welcomed the recent intervention of the Higher Education Authority to assist the Institute in the goal of entering the TU process and included a statement of No Confidence ‘in the commitment and ability of the President’s office to lead DkIT to Technological University status.

A source inside DkIT stated that “The motion was passed by 99% to 1%, which means that effectively 99% of staff have no confidence in the DkIT President. In addition to his breaking of commitments members were particularly incensed by last week’s press release in which Michael Mulvey attempted to claim as a personal achievement progress in the TU Process, which he has in fact frustrated since his arrival.”

Meanwhile a statement from DkIT insisted they are ‘unequivocally committed to realising its ambition to become a TU’.

“Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) is unequivocally committed to realising its ambition to become a Technological University (TU) in the near future. This is clearly articulated in this institute’s Strategic Plan 2020-22 published earlier this year, which was developed in conjunction with DkIT staff, students and external stakeholders.

“This institute continues to make sustained progress in relation to TU, as announced recently including a new partnership with the Higher Education Authority (HEA) around a new Structured Development Pathway towards TU status. DkIT will continue to provide regular progress updates on this area and is embarking on a period of increased internal consultation with staff and students.

“The DkIT President is the lead spokesperson for the institute’s TU Development pathway and communicates messages and updates on behalf of the institute,” concluded the statement.

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