Traders end tough year on a high

The toughest of years for local traders was given a late lift thanks to the huge success of the Shop Local Gift Voucher scheme. More than ever the scheme, which is run by Dundalk Chamber of Commerce, needed to be a success this year and so it proved with record sales of over €1m given a boost to local businesses in the town.

A statement from Chamber President Sean Farrell thanked the local business community for getting behind the scheme as well as the many consumers who used them during the busy Christmas period.

“We are delighted to announce that sales of the Shop Local Gift Vouchers have hit an unbelievable record of €1 million worth of Shop Local Gift Vouchers sold in 2020. That brings total sales to over €4 million since their launch, an unbelievable amount in such a short period of time. Dundalk Chamber started this initiative over 5 years ago and they have been an unmitigated success. There was a huge effort put in by the Chamber to help local retail and this voucher scheme has given local retailers a welcome boost,” stated Sean.

He then went on to thank the business community of Dundalk for getting behind this scheme and buying the vouchers for their staff this Christmas. Sean mentioned “these sales would not have happened if it has not been for the good will of the business community who see the value in keeping money in the locality. Stopping the flow of money from the town has been our priority.” Sean also thanked members of the public who bought the vouchers and kept it local this Christmas.

Sean commented that “this initiative was set up to help keep money and protect local jobs within the local economy. The Chamber plan is to grow sales even more in 2021!”

Paddy Malone PRO of Dundalk Chamber commented on the vouchers saying the give the receiver “the gift of choice as they can be spent in Toy Shops, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Hair Salons, Gift Stores, Gyms, Beautician, Clothes shops, and much more- you will be amazed with the selection of businesses now redeeming them which includes over 350 shops all around Dundalk and surrounding areas. “The vouchers now come in a €5 denomination as well as €10, €20 and €50’s. They are an ideal gift all year round for Birthdays, Weddings, Communions, Confirmations, Competitions, Retirements and staff rewards.
Paddy mentioned that the “beauty of these vouchers is that they do not expire, and the shops get the full amount back. They do not lose value over time,” noted Paddy.

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