Christmas Day to remember for aspiring garda Rory

Seven-year old Rory Bell enjoyed a Christmas Day he will never forget when the Garda uniform he got from Santa was delivered in person by three local Gardaí. Rory from Ardee wants nothing more than to be a Garda when he grows up and a brand new garda uniform was top of his wishlist when sending his letter to Santa.
According to Rory’s mother Emma her son was the proudest child in the world on Christmas morning when he got the chance to put on his uniform after receiving it via special delivery from Garda Smyth, Garda Keenan and Garda Ní Dhochartaigh.

“For the past seven or eight months Rory has become really obsessed with the Gardaí and whenever we are walking down the street he will always give a big hello to any Garda he sees walking by,” explained Emma.
“He got it into his head that he wanted to get a garda uniform for Christmas and that’s when we started to set the wheels in motion. We got in touch with the organisation Garda Little Heroes which help out sick kids and they pointed us in the direction of Mermaids and Dragons who sorted us out.

“I rang the local Garda station in Ardee to see if they could help out with the delivery of the new uniform and they were very good and told me they would send somebody around on Christmas morning. Three gardaí arrived at 7:30am on Christmas morning and I went outside to meet them while Rory was opening the rest his presents. I gave them the uniform and then went back inside. They drove down the road and then came back a couple of minutes later with the sirens on and stopped outside our house. I’m sure our neighbours must have been wondering what on earth was going on,” laughs Emma. “Anyway, Rory came out and the three Gardaí handed over his uniform to him which resulted in him nearly bursting with happiness. He ran inside to put it on and then came out to get a couple of photos with the Gardaí.

“He has been busy patrolling the street since Christmas and has even given a ticket to his grandad for parking violations!. The Gardaí have been so good to Rory and they have promised to take him out in control around the town when it is safe to do so,” added Emma.

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