DkIT/TUI dispute set for the Labour Court

TUI has decided to take Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) to the Labour Court in a bid to resolve a dispute.

“The DkIT President’s office couldn’t provide a resolution or be part of the solution so the Union had to act to break the impasse by bringing the Institute to the Labour Court,” said DkIT TUI Vice Chair Kenneth Sloane.

According to a statement issued by TUI, “it has communicated several times with DkIT Management urging them to return to talks in order to swiftly resolve the current dispute”.

The statement continued: “Regrettably the President’s office has not indicated an intention to return to talks at the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC).

“Given this intransigence and the likelihood of a prolonged dispute the TUI communicated to DkIT management last week seeking management’s agreement to have the dispute jointly referred to the Labour Court for arbitration on the outstanding issue of the Terms of Reference.

“The TUI believed given the rising levels of stress and anxiety a prolonged dispute may exert that a swift resolution via joint referral was in the best interests of all parties, particularly students and staff.”

The statement added: “Unfortunately, subsequent communications from the Institute did not confirm a willingness to agree to a joint referral on the basis the TUI outlined.

“Therefore, the TUI, in order to seek a swift resolution to the current dispute has itself referred the dispute to the Labour Court under section 20 of the Industrial Relations Act. This should result in the dispute moving on to the labour court.”

According to a statement issued by DkIT, the Institute can confirm that it has written to TUI requesting them to lift the industrial action with immediate effect following the decision made on Monday, February 15 by union members to invoke Section 20 of the Industrial Relations Act and their agreement to a binding recommendation from the Labour Court.

“Over recent days, the Institute has engaged extensively with the TUI and the Workplace Relations Commission to pursue a joint referral from the WRC Conciliation Service to the Labour Court, which was in the interest of both parties, so that the dispute could be resolved within the State’s industrial relations machinery,” said a DkIT spokesperson.

“The Institute welcomes the TUI’s willingness to engage with the Labour Court to find a resolution to this dispute via the appropriate legal mechanisms.
“The principal focus of the Institute at this time is ensuring that students will receive their examination results as soon as possible now that the industrial action has been lifted.”

He added: “This is a highly unfortunate situation which has been unduly challenging for students. The Institute has instigated plans to expedite the process for releasing examination results in order to avoid further disruption and remains committed to ensuring that no student is disadvantaged as result of this action.
“Students will receive communications today (Tuesday, February 16) advising them on the revised timelines for receiving their examinations results and all support services remain available to the student body at this time.”

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